2015. október 6., kedd

Operator internals: introduction

Developing an operator is usually a non-trivial task. In the Advanced RxJava blog, I've tried to convey many of the foundational elements and experience I've got from building them.

However, RxJava has around 150 unique operators and many of them required some custom logic or "unconventional" idea. Such knowledge is hard or next to impossible to explain in any meaningful generalization.

Therefore, I'll start a parallel series where I'm going to dive into each operator, except perhaps the most trivial ones. I'll call all of them operators, regardless of whether they implement Operator or OnSubscribe for convenience. I'll go by name ascending and cover aliases of an operator into the same post.

I'll look into both 1.x and 2.x implementations which has the added benefit of doing an effective review of them while also pointing out what it takes to make said operator Reactive-Streams compliant.

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